New github repo from local code

Here is a list of git commands for getting a project that you have already started working on locally up onto Github. Here are instructions on forking a repo – getting the first copy of the project your are interested in onto your computer. 1. Create the repo online Create the repo on, along […]


New website finished:

I’ve just finished a sleek new photo gallery website for Lisa Davies, aka Lisa the Teapot, a freelance textile designer in West Wales. Check out the gallery on the front page, where she demonstrates some of the funky things she does with fibres. Her USP is her ‘ole school approach, taking it from plant/animal/mineral all […]

Flubaroo with automatic grading on submit

There is now a beta version of Flubaroo with automatic grading on the form’s submission (autograde). There are still various original features that aren’t working again yet but the autograde code is stable. Please contact me if you would like to get a copy.

WordPress Website – Tasks and Timescales

So you need (want?) a website. Lots of ways to do it aren’t there! Creating one with WordPress is one way to simplify what can be a daunting and time-consuming task. I’ve attempted to simplify it even further by summarising the typical tasks involved and give you an idea of the time and hence the […]

New version of Flubaroo for Google add-ons

The new version of Flubaroo (v12) is out to support the new Google add-ons, the replacement for the Google Script Gallery. Add-ons make Google Apps Scripts available via the Google Chrome Web Store.

Google UK search position tool

Most of the online search position tools are based on the global rather than the UK site, so when I found this spreadsheet that used and allowed comparative searches of different keywords I thought it was worth sharing (and you may have noticed I’m a  big fan of Google Spreadsheets): Good to get […]

Flubaroo v3.1 – Number range answers

A new version of the Google Apps Script quiz grader/marker, Flubaroo v3.1, has just been released. I’ve added the ability to grade numeric answers within a specific numeric range, rather than only accepting a single value. Useful when you are only looking for an approximate answer, say when looking for the longitude and latitude of […]

Google Sheet Color Scales

Color Scales Spreadsheet The Google Apps Script contained in this spreadsheet sets the background color of the cells in a selected range according to their numeric value. This is similar to the ‘color scales’ or color gradient feature in Microsoft Excel. The lowest number found in the selection is set to the low color, the […]

BTC-e Trade API is a Bitcoin Trading site that provides an API to make trades, get transaction history, etc. I’ve written a Google Apps Script that uses this BTC-e Trade API. As well as seeing the script itself by clicking on the link, I’ve created a simple web app that can do a “getInfo” and a “TransHistory” query. They […]


I was recently asking about an automatic quiz marking (that’s grading to our American friends) using Google Apps Script. It didn’t take me long to find out that this was a wheel that had already been invented; a flubaroo shaped wheel. So I’m hoping to be able to start contributing a few patches to this […]

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