Living Willow Maintenance

  The willow will be dormant soon, so I’ve put together a list of maintenance tasks to keep your structure looking tip-top and not reverting to becoming a small grove of willow trees! You can download the list as a word document or PDF by clicking on the appropriate link: Living Willow Maintenance – Task […]


Free PC Health Checklist

Been digging around for stuff that people might find useful, and as my main business and interest is computing I really ought to have a few more blogs on the issue – I am a geek; no really! So here is a copy of the PC Health Check that I use to: make sure customer’s computers […]

Blogging offline with an Weblog Client/Journal Program

      New toy. New toy! Today’s whizzy gadget is a blog client. For no conceivable reason (been happy copying and pasting offline posts from Word up to now) I’ve been looking at ways of writing blogs and keeping a journal when I’m not online (heaven forbid).   I’m writing this entry with David […]

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