PDF Creator – Email form submission in a PDF

This script automatically emails the submission from a Google Form as a PDF. The PDF is created by populating a Google Doc template from the values in the Google responses spreadsheet. Further to user requests, I have created many variations […]

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Website/domain monitor – Google sheet and Apps Script

Never miss a “domain expiry” email notification ever again! One of my websites was recently down for a couple of weeks without me noticing (it looks like the email notification got lost in the post). So to avoid this happening again […]

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Flubaroo with automatic grading on submit

Flubaroo image

There is now a beta version of Flubaroo with automatic grading on the form’s submission (autograde). There are still various original features that aren’t working again yet but the autograde code is stable. Please contact me if you would like […]

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Google UK search position tool


Most of the online search position tools are based on the global google.com rather than the UK site, so when I found this spreadsheet that used Google.co.uk and allowed comparative searches of different keywords I thought it was worth sharing […]

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