PDF Creator – Email form submission in a PDF

This script automatically emails the submission from a Google Form as a PDF. The PDF is created by populating a Google Doc template from the values in the Google responses spreadsheet. Further to user requests, I have created many variations […]

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High-res terrain generator in Google Sheet!

Terrain Generator - Google Sheets

You can see the terrain image in this spreadsheet. Having just released the Color Scale Add-on I was having a play around with a terrain generator and created this (fairly) high-res terrain in a Google Sheet! The terrain generation script is […]

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Google Sheet Color Scale Add-on – v2 released

Google Sheet Color Scale Add-on

Ever popular in the Script Gallery, Color Scale is now available as an add-on in the Google Web Store for adding to your own Google Sheets. The Color Scale add-on for Google Sheets sets the background color of the cells […]

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Google Sheet Color Scales

Google Apps Script Colour Scales v0.1 (13Dec13)

Color Scales Spreadsheet STOP PRESS: Color Scale has now been released as an GSheet Add-on. The Google Apps Script contained in this spreadsheet sets the background color of the cells in a selected range according to their numeric value. This […]

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