Rose Money Manager

I’ve just made public the Google Spreadsheet I use for my personal finance management. Features: Schedule regular transactions: Automatically create the next 40 days transactions (to create projected cash flow over the next month). This needs a Google Calendar called “Regular Transactions” […]

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Google Sheet Color Scale Add-on – v2 released

Google Sheet Color Scale Add-on

Ever popular in the Script Gallery, Color Scale is now available as an add-on in the Google Web Store for adding to your own Google Sheets. The Color Scale add-on for Google Sheets sets the background color of the cells […]

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Google UK search position tool


Most of the online search position tools are based on the global rather than the UK site, so when I found this spreadsheet that used and allowed comparative searches of different keywords I thought it was worth sharing […]

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Flubaroo v3.1 – Number range answers

Flubaroo image

A new version of the Google Apps Script quiz grader/marker, Flubaroo v3.1, has just been released. I’ve added the ability to grade numeric answers within a specific numeric range, rather than only accepting a single value. Useful when you are […]

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