TED Talk – Politics moral roots

  I’ve just watched this TED talk by Jonathan Haidt by way of a post on Wired and it has moved me sufficiently to stick it up here. He talks about how our innate personality and our upbringing give us a certain way of looking at the world. He splits us into liberals or conservatives; whether […]


Restorative Circles Workshop

Some friends of mine are holding a workshop on Restorative Circles in Totnes and Lampeter this summer.  

Vivacity Coaching

I’ve just been taking a look at NLP specialists Vivacity Coaching. Yeah I know this is just a shameless plug, but she’s my auntie what do you do – saying that I do have a lot of time for NLP and will be interested to look at the similarities between it an Buddhism as that’s […]

Nonviolent Communiation Course

The big thing that I’m excited about at the moment is Non-Violent Communication. The basic idea is that to resolve conflicts and differences of opinion you express your needs and the feelings that are associated with those needs, and empathise with the other persons needs, and from that a solution should fall out. Rather than […]

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