Another clear, warm day, chilly at night though.

I was up bright and early this morning and when I wondered down to the willow plots with my first cup of tea there were the rabbits, gamboling in the morning dew! Now where is my air-rifle. To be honest they weren’t in the willow but under the hedge in the far corner of the field scratching around in the buttercups and Ivy. They were about 20m away from the solar molar and hadn’t done any obvious damage to the willow, so I just blocked the holes they had been using under the fence.

Although I have wondered round the hill with the air-rifle, after a few pot shots I hadn’t got anything but then remembered that they could have young this time of year (the do qualify as a pest so there is no closed season). But they are free food – decisions, decisions. We did come put early in the year with a friends goshawk and bagged ourselves one for the pot.