Case Studies

A selection of clients that have benefited from automating and streamlining their use of Google Workspace apps.

Project/Funding Approval Script for International Charity

This project has been ongoing for two years, and we are about to start on version 3. Project and funding requests are made via a Google Doc, which was parsed, validated and written to a Google spreadsheet. This triggered a series of Slack messages (via API) and automatic creation of further GDocs and DocuSign (via API) documents.

AppSheet Customisation with Apps Script

Added custom functionality to data recorded on an AppSheet app, mainly using the Google Maps API to calculate travel times and directions.

Apps Script Web App Gannt Chart

Displayed project task data in a custom HTML/CSS web app UI using the Google Charts API.

Accounting Dashboard

Automatically imported data from the Asana API to update real-time task data on an accountants client Google Sheet dashboard.

Real-time Stocktaking

Converted an overburdened Google Spreadsheet mainly using native formula, to run Apps Script at a predetermined time to import data from the Shopify API.

Excel Consolidation

Apps Script to validate, process and consolidate data from multiple Excel spreadsheets into a Google Sheet.

Employee Approval Forms

Worked with a local college to automate the processing of Google Form submissions and the creation of custom response sheets based on a GSheet template.

Web app for Major European Supermarket

Worked with the client over several months to create a new service for customers using Google Apps Script.


Linking Various Web Services and Streamlining Work Flow for Crestwood Painting

  • Project ran over several years
  • Consolidated and streamlined project life-cycle management
  • Automated administration and interaction of multiple web services: YouCanBook.Me,
  • Automated and enhanced the existing use of Google Apps
  • Read more…

Data/Workflow Wizard for a UK Government Organisation

Automated the collection of a complex set of data with a series of dialogs. This greatly reduced the amount of user error and ensured all parties were always up to date with the latest data and status of the process, allowing issues to be dealt with faster and more efficiently.

Transaction Analysis for Major UK Supermarket

Replaced slow, overburdened Excel spreadsheets with a cloud solution that allowed greatly improved collaboration, accountability and monitoring. Freed up the analysts to spend their days analysing rather than copy and pasting!

Automated filtering of vast numbers of user communications, providing automated responses where necessary.

Somerset Consulting

Fully automated the processes of reading SMS messages from students, logging the messages and notified their tutors using Twilio’s messaging service.

Honda West, Calgary

Created sales report dashboard with various charts and summary tables, to allow the users to get a overview of the performance of their sales team at a glance.

Some of these projects were awarded through the freelancer sites Guru and Upwork where you can see further profile and client feedback.