BTC-e Trade API

BTCe Trade API - Google Apps Script

The BTC-e website is now closed. See this article for more details. is a Bitcoin Trading site that provides an API to make trades, get transaction history, etc. I’ve written a Google Apps Script that uses this BTC-e Trade API.

As well as seeing the script itself by clicking on the link, I’ve created a simple web app that can do a “getInfo” and a “TransHistory” query. They don’t do much at the moment as you need to register on the site and get an API key and a secret key.

To get it working for yourself:

  • Take your own copy of the script (File>Make a copy …)
  • Register at for your own account (if you don’t already have one)
  • In your account click on Profile in the top right-hand corner and then go to API Keys
  • Allocate a name for this set of keys, tick info and trade appropriately and finally Create
  • Back in the script copy these two keys into

btceTrade_Query() contains the main functionality that you are after, and that you can use to create a nicer UI. contains a basic web app that you’ll need to deploy (Publish>Deploy as web app …) and authorise for yourself to see, and a couple of test functions testGetInfo() and testTransHistory() that you can run from within the script editor and check the log (View>Logs) for the response from All of the other files contains utilities that are needed to get Javascript working on the server-side (one day I’ll have a look at getting it as small as the other Trade API examples)

The JavaScript can also be found on github.