Totally Unscripted Re-launch – Meet the GDEs

Very proud to have been part of the re-launch of the popular YouTube show dedicated to Google Apps Script – Totally Unscripted.

This time tomorrow will see the return of Totally Unscripted the Google Workspace and Apps Script developer community show returns! The shows are an opportunity to learn about the very latest Google Workspace and Apps Script updates from both the community and Google. We are returning with a series of six weekly shows starting with ‘Meet the new Google Workspace Developers Experts‘ on 05 November 2020 at 20:00 UTC (TZ conversion).

In this show, you have an opportunity to meet some of the new Google Developers Experts (GDE) in Google Apps Script. As well as finding out how our experts got involved in Apps Script, we find out why they think it is different to other platforms, their favourite killer app and why you should learn Apps Script. The show is also an opportunity to find out if you’ve got what it takes to become our next newest GDEs. For this episode we are joined by:

Here’s a great summary from Alan Wells posted in the Google Group:

Some information from the ‘Totally Unscripted’ session.
Reasons people use Apps Script.
Capability –
  – Solves reals problems
  – Automates tasks
     – Do you have any redundant / time consuming work?
  – Millions of possible uses
     – seemingly limitless possibilities  – Apps Script and Google products are rich in possible uses
  – World wide availability
  – Integration with many Google products

Resources available
  – Help sites and groups
  – Sample code – GitHub – Stack Overflow
  – Documentation

Easy access
   – Nothing to install to get started
   – JavaScript is easy to learn
   – Low bar of entry

Free or low cost
  – Code editor is free
  – Most basic products (Sheets, Docs, Forms, Slides, Sites, GMail etc) are free for consumer accounts
  – API’s are mostly free

Personal and organizational benefits
   – Automation and processing decreases workload
   – Sense of accomplishment

There was a problem or a need, and Apps Script met the need

People who use Apps Script
  – In Education
  – In business – both small and large
  – Organizations

What type of person gets interested in Apps Script?
  – People looking for solutions
  – People who are not programmers
     – Don’t worry about your skills, knowledge or capability
  – People who are looking for ways to be helpful
  – People who are excited about the capability and potential of Apps Script
  – People who like to contribute
  – Apps Script is used by all skill levels of people

No one person will ever come close to knowing all there is to know about Apps Script.
Simple solutions can be created or found relatively quickly.
More complicated apps are a lot of work.
There are millions of people running Apps Script code and writing code in Apps Script every day.

    – The new Code Editor will be improved