Andrew is one of the best Google Apps Script developers out there, with a particular knack for libraries. I am happy to have worked with him, and will be calling him back for all my GAS needs in the future!” – J R Spikeson

Andrew, first of all I must say you are a Gem! with that you are kind too. The solution, better to say the customized solution you provided for us is just awesome. You can’t imagine how you make our work life better. The best part is, being an NGO optimizing operational cost is all time challenge to us and you contributed your valuable time to fix it. Lots of love and respect. Take care, stay safe!
Last but not the least, I am now fan of your, it’s an awesome portal to fix several problems without any additional cost and any restrictions.” – Somnath Saha – RSSI

“Andrew, this is genius what you’ve created. I cannot thank you enough : ) I’m really confident that we will be able to automate almost all the reporting.” – Patrick

“…really cant emphasise how amazing your approach to engagement is. I may take inspiration from this as a baseline for all remote team works/additions.” – Khizarr Khizar,

Andrew’s work is impressive: it is the mark of a clear thinker and a creative problem-solver as well as that of a top-shelf developer. Andrew is also one of the best project managers I have ever met, and this quality makes him a joy to work with. Projects are always meticulously planned and scoped; progress is always clearly communicated; deliverables always submitted on time. Any GAS project I can think of would be more likely to succeed with Andrew involved in it. I recommend him without reservation.” – Chad Barlow, Communications Director, Christ Church Nashville

“Andrew was an absolute pleasure to work with.  His knowledge of App scripting and his scripting capabilities were exactly as he advertises.  If you are looking for “the biggest bang for your buck” as we say in the states, then Andrew is the one for the job.  While the project we worked on together turned out differently than we anticipated in the beginning, it does exactly what we wanted it to do.  We wanted to optimize the speed and functionality of a very complicated spreadsheet.  He helped make that happen from half way around the globe, and at no point during the process did I ever regret hiring him.  I will absolutely hire him again in the future when any of my spreadsheets need App scripting.  He has a very happy customer with myself and with Dillman Equipment!!” – Ryan Koresh, Dillman Equipment, Inc.

“With a vision for how software automation might help our business and also reduce costs, I came upon a nice gentleman in the Welsh countryside. Some emails and a Hangout or two and we decided to move forward. Having never done this there was some initial uncertainty, but it helped that he was a native English speaker and we were a manageable 6 time zones apart.

Andrew proved quick to grasp the initial objectives and was always ready to offer guidance when needed. What impressed the most was Andrew’s patience as new feature requests were thrown at him – he managed to prioritize and incorporate them into a still-cohesive and manageable whole. We had a regular Thursday Hangout and many emails and shared Docs in between.

The original (narrow) vision gave way to a more encompassing workflow system that will yield far more benefits to our business than originally planned. Andrew was pleasant and professional throughout; I’m already looking forward to moving on to future projects with Andrew. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Andrew Roberts.” – Mike Kelly, Crestwood Painting

“Andrew completed the task in a very short time. He understood the job quickly, was communicative and responsible.”Shay Nir.

“Andrew is a skilled programmer, and a pleasure to work with.  He was thorough and fastidious in a way that most “scripting” developers are not.”Soo Somerset, Somerset Consulting

“Andrew did an excellent job building custom Google Apps scripts for us, he has a great attention to detail and solid coding skills.” – Majid Manzarpour, 

“[Flubaroo Google Apps Script autograde changes] looks great and is very well written, organized, and documented.” Dave Abouav, Flubaroo author.

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work and expertise. Our website looks fantastic and we have had some great feedback and loads of sales already thanks to Andrew’s additional SEO work. It was so nice to work with someone so professional and approachable, we felt that Andrew listened to what we needed and our website is exactly how we wanted it. The communication has been brilliant with both telephone and web support and we feel that we were well supported through the whole process. The whole process has been super fast and painless!! Thank you.” – Liz,

WOW…from start to finish! After 2 identical project posts, 12 bids, and 1 hire, Andrew was the only person who has given specifics w/ Google Spreadsheet experience. Too many people claimed to have experience but when I gave them the opportunity to back it up, they couldn’t. However, Andrew could & did. From the start, I could tell that Andrew had the skill set needed to complete the job. He gave me clear & refined answers, was very accurate on the time needed to complete the job, and gave me access to a live demo that had similar features During the project, he followed through on all the small promises he made, was quick to make small tweaks, and executed exactly what we required to complete the project before the deadline he gave me. After the project, he billed me very fairly on an open-end quote and explained what he did so I can make small changes to this spreadsheet in the future. He has also agreed to be available for any future needs which is nice b/c it streamlines the turn times on new features we want to implement. Overall, Andrew was a pleasure to work with. Award your project to Andrew with confidence and know that he’s a trustworthy individual who follows through on his commitments. OUTSTANDING JOB, ANDREW…THANK YOU! – Brandon Polka

“Andy Roberts … held the position of Software Development Engineer working on a sophisticated embedded processor project. His work covered the design, code and testing of a software component to emulate the V.110 Rate Adaption protocol, and the porting and testing of a component to provide V.120 Rate Adaption with Async to Sync PPP conversion. He has a meticulous approach to the control and management of software and so, in the later stages, he was also given the responsibility for the build system used on the project employing Polytron make and version control systems. Andy showed great dedication to his work, often staying late and coming in over weekends, and finally agreeing to stay and extra three months to see his work through. I am very pleased with Andy’s contribution.” – David Fullbrook, Chief Technical Consultant, Racal-Datacom Ltd.

“I have always found Andrew very conscientious and his sevices, good value for money. I particularly like the way he writes down every step he takes when trying to solve a problem then if he has to backtrack he doesn’t have to rely on guesswork. ” – Patrick Campion, The Monthly Advertiser

Andrew has coped with the vagaries of my computer for all of it’s life and remained calm and efficient. Here is a guy who is enthusiastic about his job and unbelievably knowledgeable!” – Annie May, The May Organic Farm

Very happy with various work done for me. very knowledgeable, best of all he answers any phone calls, and will help with computer problems over the phone if possible. ” – Ann Butler