VeriClock RESTful API Google Apps Script library

VeriClock is a cloud-based employee time tracking system that provides a RESTful API. This library provides a straightforward way to access the VeriClock API from a Google Apps Script.

The project id of the library is “Mnek5yp41nP-lNIwpLgcNFtnfWGfgtIUb”.

Details of the API requests that have been implemented can be found in the libraries’ documentation.

Using the Library

Instructions for installing the library in your script can be found on the Google website.

Once you’ve set up your VeriClock account and made a note of your keys (Settings > Extras > API) a connection can be made to with:

     publicKey: YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY,
     privateKey: YOU_PRIVATE_KEY,
     vericlockDomain: YOUR_VERICLOCK_DOMAIN,
     username: YOUR_USERNAME,
     password: YOUR_PASSWORD

You can then, for example, create a new job with:

   var jobInfo = Vericlock.createJob({jobName: 'Test job 1'})


Big thanks to Mike Kelly of Crestwood Painting (Kansas City’s House Painter) for sponsoring this library and allowing it to be released to the community.