Rose Money Manager

I’ve just made public the Google Spreadsheet I use for my personal finance management.


  • Schedule regular transactions: Automatically create the next 40 days transactions (to create projected cash flow over the next month). This needs a Google Calendar called “Regular Transactions” where the scheduled transactions have their data stored as JSON in the description field (see addTransaction() for the JSON’s expected fields);
  • Colour coding: each row in the master spreadsheet is colour coded depending on whether a transaction is reconciled or not;
  • Easily adding new transactions: a template current or credit card transactions can be added via the custom menu;
  • Easily removing transactions: a whole transaction row can be removed via the custom menu;
  • Sorting the transactions by date: the custom menu can be used to quickly sort the transactions by date;
  • Automatically negate an transaction: if a transaction is of category “Expenses” or “Liabilities” it can be added as positive and it is automatically turned into a negative number;
  • Automatically adds a new transaction: when the sheet is opened a new credit card transaction row is added;
  • Import Barclaycard Visa CSV statement:  this is still hidden away in the scripts at the moment in importVisa(), but with the CSV file stored in your Google Drive this function can be used to import CSV from a Barclaycard Visa statement.

More details…