Willow harvest, garlic tops and hedge laying

Just rediscovered this blog I was so keen about last year. Events of the moment:

  • first shoots of music garlic popping up;
  • 40m of very sexy hedge laying completed which my dad very helpfully came and lent a hand with (phew! 5m a day);
  • harvested bundled and sold the entire willow harvest (primary schools love em – doing some great tunnel/dome designs) of about 1500 usable rods;
  • harvested basketery willow and replanted it all (120 black maul, 20 white, 20 curly, 20 black, 40 americana);
  • Lisa completed a basketery course and made a very professional looking log basket – we’ve already got orders for woven willow sheep;
  • started to plant the first trees for Coed Bryn Helyg (500 hazel cuttings, 200 oak cuttings, 150 elder cuttings, 1000 haws on ice in the fridge waiting to go out along with 2000 birch seeds).