Guilt free Idleness

I’ve been making a big effort to try and reduce the amount of time I spend working, and increase the amount of time I spend idling –  “Don’t do anything that isn’t play”! I’ve been doggedly studying the works of Tom Hodgkinson (How to be Idle, The Idler and How to be Free) and working on my ability to just hang out at home and not feel guilty about it. Today has been the kind of day I’ve been working toward. I was up and out reasonably early to get the car to the garage, so this got me out of bed and out of that “I’m going to lie in bed all morning and enjoy it” state of mind I sometimes get into. I did have a little admin to catch up with in the morning which left me feeling I had achieved something with the day (still got a lingering work ethic) and then after lunch the day was my own. With the car in the garage leaving us Lampeter bound, I had suggested we all headed out for a walk. But the weather had other ideas and the rain didn’t stop lashing down all day so out with the board games. And it was great. I hung out with Rose some and we got into playing with the drums and the metronome; I watched a bit of telly and started to do some research on this pro-blogging business (I recently dug out a load of old diaries and it inspired to start doing something regular again, yes, potential capitalisation did occur to me!)

One scary fact I stumbled across – we’re thinking about home educating Rose – was that home education is illegal in Germany. This is a hang over from the Nazi era apparently when Hitler wanted control of all those young minds.

So all in all a good day down on the ranch.