Blogging offline with an Weblog Client/Journal Program

thejournaloncdrom.jpg (180x193 pixels)
New toy. New toy! Today’s whizzy gadget is a blog client. For no conceivable reason (been happy copying and pasting offline posts from Word up to now) I’ve been looking at ways of writing blogs and keeping a journal when I’m not online (heaven forbid).
I’m writing this entry with David RM’s “The Journal” as recommended by Steve Pavlina.
I was initially more interested in just finding out about a program I could use as an electronic diary which is what the blog was initially about. But there are some entries too boring, too unfinished or too personal (not quite ready to bare my whole soul just yet – but watch this space) to be posting out into cyber space. And then I noticed that one of the features of The Journal was offline blogging: you write the blog and rather than spending hours (well, seconds) copying the text and pasting it into my blog admin page I can do it now with just one click (well, three). But hey when did a gadget ever need a real purpose. So I’ll have a play with this and see how it goes. The main tasks I want to try are:
  • Posting blogs
  • Import the present site into The Journal
  • Try posting with embedded images (hmm, wonder how it will cope with that)
I’ve had a quick play with other blog clients, well one, namely MS Writer. But, although a competent blog client it didn’t have all of the journal facilities of “The Journal”, so don’t if I’ll look at other blog clients too closely.
Anyhow, lets see how this goes.