Bryn Helyg Coed – Planting Plan

After much paper work, book learning, investigations, converstations and “OMG, what am I taking on here!” Lisa and I are on the verge of planting up Bryn Helyg Coed!

I’ve just finished the planting plan:

Bryn Helyg Tree Planting Plan

Bryn Helyg Tree Planting Plan

6000 native broadleaves planted over 10 acres of SW facing welsh hillside.

I’ve got 5500 of the bamboo canes in marking out where the trees are going to go, and provide support for the spiral guards. So now I’m just waiting for trees to go dormant so I can start planting them. Although saying that I have already got 300 ash in and 240 hawthorns as the leaves had already dropped off them.