Allotments, Pirates and Britney

Lisa is really getting stuck into the allotment and sorting out some permanent paths for the place. We have now have about six tonnes of wood chip 200 yards away from allotment – hands off you fellow allotment owners! If anyone has a wheel barrow be warned, there may well be a wood chip moving party in the offing.

 We all got dressed up as pirates today – as you do. Lisa, Rose and I went to a friend’s birthday party with a desert island theme and Lisa wouldn’t let me go as a hoola girl. I once went to a party as Britney Spears and as she thought I was enjoying the role way too much she wouldn’t talk to me all evening. It’s a shame I’ve got the coconuts ready and everything. On the fancy dress theme Icouldn’t resist throwing in a picture of Rose all dressed up and ready for skateboarding. It was a fantastic party, Kat’s food was amazing a usual.

Rose scate boardingThe Pirates of Gwel-yr-CreudyynBritney