Willow season hotting up

LlanwenogWillow2009_webSo it’s that time of year again – it’s autumn and it’s TREE TIME! The popularity of the living willow structures are continuing and we’re starting to get the first calls of the season from the schools. We’re also getting interest from fetes, fairs and schools about doing displays. This doesn’t really work with the living willow but as Lisa works on her weaving skills we’ll put together a dead-willow weaving workshop. I’m looking forward to seeing how all of the different structures that we planted last year are doing. We’re seeing a lot less growth on dryer slopes later in the season: 12 to 18 inches with 10% die off compared to no die-off and 5 foot of growth from some structures.

Before Xmas our non-willow seedlings will need transplanting ready for the BIG TREE PLANT in Autumn of 2010 (start planting 6000 trees over 8 acres).

We laid the hedge along the windy edge of the willow beds over the winter and it definitely seems to have had an impact on the amount of growth. But we’ll have to wait until harvest in January to see the actual effect.

So here’s to a good season for 2009/10!

More info at Living Willow Wales