Letter from Ffarmers

After the usual frantic start to the day trying to get everyone and everything together, Rose and I headed up to the cottage to do a change-over. The plan was to get there by 10:30 to leave us a bit of time to hang out (I wonder if she is going to learn to hate these mythical people – the customers. “Don’t touch that Rose it’s all tidy for the customers”). We finally arrived about 12, with just enough time to clean. No enjoying the place today. In fact the customers turned up about an hour early and had to be sent off into the hills again.

Rose managed a good bit of self-learning whilst we were up there though: someone had left Scrabble so she spent half an hour making unfeasibly long words and recognised a few letters.

Lisa made the most of being free of Rose and spent the day working herself into the ground in the allotment. When I got home I made a few small steps closer to getting this blog into it’s final state.