Rosie’s Day: Baking, Hugging and Swimming

Well I think Rose has had the busiest and most news worthy day of us all, so I’ll dedicate today’s post to her. She started it off doing a bit of baking with Mum. Rose had bought a fairy cake making kit yesterday when she was down the shops with Lisa and spent the morning making some very tasting cakes (which I greatly enjoyed with a nice cup of tea!) Lisa and Rose then went off to visit Lisa’s knitting buddy who has a four year old little boy called Thomas. They spent the afternoon playing: Thomas likes too show off his strength and carry Rose around in a loving embrace; he read to her for a bit and they spent a while off in pre-schooler make believe land.

When she got back I took her swimming. After an initial burst of piscine enthusiasm (?) when she was a few months old, we’ve recently started a regular jaunt to the swimming pool. There has been lots of kiddy stuff going on down there during the summer, which is fun but the pool gets a bit manic, especially as Rose doesn’t really like getting her face splashed. So the contrast today, now that the kids have back to school was amazing. For a while we had the whole pool to ourselves. The sun was streaming through the windows casting an impressive sun glint on the walls, and making for an almost tropical experience under the water. Rose really loves swimming now and it can be a bit of a challenge trying to get her to leave the pool after the hour is up. She happily swims around the pool with her arm-bands on, which allows me to get a bit more exercise in swimming around, and around and underneath her. We took her bike down but she was a little tired on the way home so I got to carry her bike all the way up the hill. And I think her enthusiam for cycling that day had a been a little tempered by the fall she had trying to negotiate a shallow ditch.

We rounded the day off with a bit of TV, computing (I let her drive while we ordered a new swimming costume off the Internet for Lisa – we could have her in the pool with us soon) and then to bed in her tent

A quick aside as the post has a kiddie theme: I persuaded Jake to come out mountain boarding with me today. Now that the grass is getting a bit flatter the main run is getting faster. We tried a new slope in the next field, which although steeper is a lot more rutted and harder to carve a turn on.