Rose CMMS – Google Apps Script

I’ve completed and deployed the first working version of Rose CMMS. It is a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that has been developed making full use of Google Services (Calendar, Mail, Docs, etc) and tied together with Google Apps Script, a cloud scripting version of JavaScript.

In is still very early in development and at present only supports planned preventative maintenance (PPM) and work orders (ad hoc job requests) – pretty much a task manager. The heart of the CMMS is the job list spreadsheet, which has to created with the fields detailed in and IDs still have to be entered for other spreadsheets that might be used. I developed in for one customer with a lot of configuration hard-coded so I’m in the process of making it a lot more configurable and documented so people can actually start using it – that could be a challenge at the moment!

The latest version of the code can be found on github if you wanted to have a play.

To use the scripts at the moment:

  • A Google sheet needs to be created with the fields listed in (the order is hard-coded at the moment so this’ll need’ll checking in
  • Using the script editor attached to that sheet all of the .gs files need to be created and the content copied from the git repository.
  • A Google calendar called PPM with all of the regular jobs created as all-day events.