Rose Task Manager (RTM) – v0.3.0

Rose Task Manager (RTM, formerly  RoseCMMS) is a team/collaborative task manager or simple project manager developed with Google Apps Script.

It’s main features are:

  • Customised Google form for entering tasks to the …
  • Online and sharable Google spreadsheet task list
  • Email notifications for new tasks and status updates
  • Links with a Google calendar to provide automatic scheduling of regular tasks

The heart of RTM is the Google spreadsheet that holds the task list. Tasks are entered via an online form which sends an email notification to the list admin and the task submitter. The list admin can send a status update email to the task submitter with a single click. RoseTM can be linked to a Google Calendar where regular tasks are listed as events and are automatically added to the list, again with email notifications. This is an improvement over using Google Tasks as these tasks get listed in a shared spreadsheet and full advantage is taken of Google Calendar’s event scheduling.

The various Google Apps (GCal, GSheet, GMail) are tied together and expanded on using Google Apps Script, a cloud-based Javascript platform.

RTM originally started out to be a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), the primary need being a way of sharing ad-hoc jobs or work orders, and scheduling regular Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM). However once these features were in place it was found that pretty much everything else could be implemented using the regular Google Apps (GMail, Hangouts, collaborating on GDocs, GCal, etc). So the focus became on the task management features of RoseCMMS and it became RTM; a shared task manager or basic project manager for any group.

Demo/master copies of the script and more detailed installation instructions are available on Google Drive by following the links below.


Installation Guide – v0.3.0

Demo/Master Spreadsheet – v0.3.0

Demo Form – v0.3.0

The code can also be found on github, although this hasn’t been updated since v0.2 and is more for reference. The latest script can be found using the links above.

Main Rose Task Manager (RTM) Page.